Becoming a New Member

Does Your Club Need More Optimism? Ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. Does your club new more members so you can serve more youth?
  2. Do you want to see fresh ideas for fund raisers and youth projects?
  3. Is your club electing past presidents to serve another term?

If you answered Y E S, then it is time to start a new member recruiting drive.



If you are interested in learning more about Optimism and how to become an Optimist member, you have several options open to you:

  • You can call a club President of a club near you.
  • If you know an Optimist from a local club, call them and let them know you want to join.
  • You can complete the online contact form and our Member Chairperson will forward your contact information to the Zone Lieutenant Governor nearest to you.



Info from Optimist International

Types of Membership

Club Member

As Members of Optimist Clubs, individuals have the opportunity to “Bring Out the Best in Kids” along with other like-minded citizens. Through an Optimist Club, volunteers can answer the needs of local youth by organizing meaningful service projects. To pass the idea of becoming an Optimist along to someone you know, see the Membership Brochure, or have them fill out a Member Invitation. For a list of Clubs by District, please click here.

Life Member

Life Membership is an honor often bestowed by a Club on an Optimist who has shown years of dedication to the Club and the organization. Optimists can also enroll themselves in Life Membership. Through Life Membership, a one-time fee is paid and the Optimist pays lower dues for life. See the Life Member Application for additional information.

College Member

Any Optimist Member who is enrolled as a full-time college student (minimum of 12 credit hours) is eligible to have their annual dues reduced.

Friend of Optimists

Individuals can show their support of Optimist International by becoming Friends of Optimists. A Friend of Optimists may be someone who does not have an Optimist Club in their area, or they may not have time to dedicate to a local Optimist Club. Optimist Clubs can also bestow a Friend of Optimists membership on a community member who has shown great support for the Club. To learn more, check out the Friend of Optimists Brochure and read the Frequently Asked Questions. To apply for membership online, click here.

30 and Under for $30

Optimist International is offering a one year, introductory membership to civic-minded individuals. Any new traditional Member inclusive of 18-30 years of age who joins an Optimist Club will receive this special dues offer. For one year, young adults can enjoy the benefits of an Optimist Club with less of a financial impact! For more information, please click here.

NEW! Social, Service and Young Professionals Group

The Social, Service and Young Professionals Group is a way for your Club to expand their outreach and strength in their community. A Social, Service and Young Professionals Group could provide a traditional Club with an increased volunteer work force to tackle more complex projects and provide a platform for younger professionals to join an Optimist Club. Social, Service and Young Professionals Group must have a minimum of 15 individuals who have not been Optimist Members or Friends in the past four months. For more information, please click here.